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  • Learn from Your Mistakes

  • Blocks of gold.

    Do Everyone a Service by Writing Good Commit Messages

  • A red and white stop signage in front of a sea view.

    You Will Never Be Done with Accessibility

  • Photo of a hammer about to hit some nails.

    JavaScript Should Be Your Last Resort

  • Modern and Accessible <marquee> with TailwindCSS

  • An open PR is the first 90% of the job – the other 90% remains

  • Screenshot of an Android keyboard when speech-to-text is being used.

    Writing Blog Posts Using Speech-to-Text

  • Photo of two signs that point to different directions. One says my way and the other one says highway.

    Conventions Don't Matter – What Matters Is Consistency

  • Lake view with aurora in the background.

    Git Bisect Is Your Friend in Need

  • Lake view with aurora in the background.

    My 2020 in Review

  • Wintery scene with trees filled with snow and the moon in the background on a blue sky.

    New Year Same Blog

  • Photo of an ongoing renovation inside a building

    One Year Since Last Post – What Is Going On?

  • Aerial photo of a circle road in nature

    Server Side Rendering: Why We Have Gone Full Circle

  • Slack logo

    How to Create and Deploy a Slack Bot

  • MobX logo

    Utilizing the built-in reactivity in MobX

  • Sparks coming from a bonfire, taken with a long exposure time.

    How I Made My Blog Blazing Fast

  • Fireman at work

    Runtime Type Safety And More in TypeScript Projects Using io-ts

  • Jest output

    Using Jest with TypeScript

  • Tools

    My Opinionated Setup for Web Projects

  • React logo

    Using React Suspense in Production

  • Screenshot visual regression npm page showing version 0.1.1 is published

    Announcing visual-regression v0.1.1

  • CycleJS logo

    I Learned Functional Reactive Programming by Learning Cycle.js

  • Screenshot of github page being published at

    Hello World!